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S7000 Family Software Configurable Processors
S7000 family devices use third generation software configurable processor (SCP) technology to deliver powerful compute capability to demanding video applications. The extreme performance and low operating power of these processors make them ideal for video surveillance applications, while their high level of integration results in products with very low bill of materials (BOM) costs. The processors' high channel density, combined with a flexible multi-CODEC capability, delivers the surveillance industry's best video quality at unparalleled price performance points. From high definition IP cameras and high channel density DVRs to multi-channel video streamers, the Stretch S7000 family of software configurable processors delivers unprecedented power and flexibility to video processing applications.

S7000 Family Benefits:

  • High channel density
    • 16 Channels multi-stream H.264 compression
  • 1080p60 single chip IP camera designs
    • H.264 multi-stream compression
    • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Image Signal Processing (ISP)
    • Video Analytics
  • Surveillance industry's best video quality
    • Noise reduction and motion adaptive de-interlacing
    • Stretch High Profile H.264 CODEC


S7 Architecture Features:

  • Third generation ISEF for maximum application acceleration
  • Enhanced programmable accelerator for optimal video processing
  • Embedded ARM9 processor for running Linux and host applications
  • On-chip PCI Express
  • Enhanced data ports for seamless integration with system components
  • Rich I/O feature set including USB OTG, SDHC and PCIe interfaces
  • Serial AIM for seamless scalability
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