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Software Configurable Processors
Faster Than Your Fastest DSP
Stretch is a fabless semiconductor company providing software configurable processors for compute-intensive applications. Stretch's latest family of processors, the S7000 series, was designed specifically for high speed video and image processing. With these applications in mind, Stretch has developed several reference design kits including PCIe Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and both High Definition and D1 Resolution Intelligent Encoding IP cameras. Targeting surveillance applications, these designs demonstrate the enormous video processing capabilities and flexibility of the Stretch devices. Both IP Cameras and the DVR reference designs are production ready designs in their own right but can also form the basis of highly differentiated customer products. The Stretch DVR Reference Designs are also available as fully featured OEM products.

The designs all include the Stretch Intelligent Encoder Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK features state of the art CODECs including the H.264 Scalable Video CODEC and uses embedded analytics to adapt the processing algorithms in response to changes in the video stream. Extensive video pre and post processing ensures the best possible video quality while a simple and intuitive application programming interface for the DVR designs ensures easy integration with host application software.

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